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Truthful and Honest

“When we decided to embark upon renovations in our home, we had a strong desire to support Parker Business. We were so fortunate to work with Tim Tait and his team of professionals at LifeStyle Kitchen & Bath Center. The entire experience has been superb, and we would unconditionally recommend this business to anyone needing the services they provide.

From the very initial contact through to the completion, we were impressed with the professionalism, honesty, and superb quality of their work. Deadlines were set and met, budgets were honored, and our expectations were exceeded. Their commitment to serving their customer is exceptional.

They are an excellent example of a business that honors the principles of The Four Way Test. The information they provide was always truthful, and their promised were always kept. They treated us fairly in all dealings. They are vey committed to building goodwill with their customers and their community. We are delighted with the final results and the relationship with the LifeStyle team, so we have definitely benefited for benefited for their knowledge, expertise and commitment to technical quality and customer service.”


We Should've Started with LifeStyle Kitchen & Bath Center

“My wife and I love to cook and entertain. We have 2 large parties (50-75 people) and as many as a dozen dinner parties with 3-6 couples each year. Our kitchen was a modest size (just over 200 ft sq) and was separated from the entertaining areas by a full wall on one side and a half wall on another. We spend a lot of time in our kitchen during the parties s our company naturally gravitates to the kitchen as well, and the kitchen would quickly become crowded. We had looked at buying a new home to get the type and size of kitchen and entertainment space that we would need. But after a couple of years of looking we had come to the realization that we would have to buy too much house to get the space we wanted. So we decided to start looking into what it would cost to do a remodel that would remove the full wall and open up the space.

Because of the numerous horror stories we have heard over the years, with remodeling companies who do not live up to planned cost, schedule or just not completing the job, let alone completing the work to the level professionalism and customer satisfaction of the homeowners. We checked out a couple of the large companies that offer design and contracting services and were not getting any real answers to our questions. They were asking for significant deposits for the design work and could not give us any idea of if we were talking $5000 or $150,000. Also there was no connection with the designer, I felt we were talking to a salesman and not someone who was listening to us. Needless to say the fears we had when we were starting to think about a remodeling were not getting reduced, but were increasing.

With our disappointment with the larger companies we decided to see what some of the local businesses had to offer. We had seen an advertisement in a local magazine for LifeStyle Kitchen & Bath and decide to see what they had to offer.

When we got to LifeStyle we explained what we were looking for and were introduced to Tim Tait one of the owners. We sat down with him to discuss the project and get some of our answers. He listened to what we wanted to do and started asking some questions of his own. Some of his questions were about the technical aspects of the job, that quickly gave me the confidence that he understood some of the challenges of the project that could have a significant impact on the cost and design. After over an hour with Tim, he introduced us to Peggy Adams who was to become our designer, and to Mike who would be the project manager. Peggy sat down with us to get an understanding of what we wanted, so they could come up with some initial rough estimates. These estimates were needed to satisfy our need for a ball park cost to aide us in deciding if we needed to re-evaluate our design and come up with a budget for the project. When we left that day, my wife and I both felt that for the first time someone had listened to us rather than try and sell us something.

When we next met with them, Peggy showed us some concepts drawings for the space. Looking at the drawings with Peggy, we were immediately impressed by the fact that she seemed to have listened to us and was considering our lifestyle and wants, and not just a design idea that fit her sense of style. Tim was also able to give us a feel for the cost range of what the project would most likely fall into so we could then decide if we wanted to start the process of initiating the true design and contract phase. We wrote the check for the design deposit that day and never looked back.

From that point on, we met and talked on the phone with the entire LifeStyle team on a regular basis, and was always impressed with the great communication. We finalized a design, verified some of the structural issues that was impacting the wall removal, set a start date for the deconstruction and signed the contract. Work stated on time, Mike was normally on the job site daily ad was always just a phone call away so as unexpected tings came up, we worked through them. The professionalism of all the workers was quickly apparent, as they would go the extra mile to get the job right and was focused on making us happy. 6 weeks after the start of the deconstruction, we were moving into the new kitchen and working on the punch list.

To sum up the entire execution of the work it was on time, on budget, and the customer fully satisfied. From our first meeting to moving into the kitchen it was just under 6 months. In that time we got a new kitchen, made new friends, and although a remodel is disruptive I can say it was enjoyable. Based on our experience, recommending the LifeStyle team for any remodeling that you may have in mind is a foregone conclusion.”

William and Ann Grey

Professionalism Gets the Job Done Right

“We wanted to let you know how much we have appreciated the remodeling job you both did in our kitchen. We appreciated you professional attitude, you friendly manner, your sense of humor, your integrity and honesty and most of all, your willingness to do whatever it took to get the job done right.

We know that there were many surprises, challenges and difficulties with our cabinets, counter top and crooked walls, but you both just moved forward to complete the job with minimal complaint. This remodeling job has taken its’ toll on us and it has been extremely stressful working with all the different contractors and the many problems we have had with incompetent help. It was refreshing to have both of you on the job because you established a level of trust with you clam confidence and expertise which is something we didn’t feel we had with the other contractors.

Please tell your electricians that we also appreciated their professional workmanship. We know it turned out to be a much larger task than they had originally estimated, but they were still willing to take the necessary time to complete the job properly.

One thing we have learned thought this entire process is that if we ever need remodeling done again, we’ll call you guys and let you handle the entire job form start to finish, because we know and trust that you would do whatever it takes to get the job done right. Thank you for completing the job in such a timely manner for being so flexible with the scheduling.

We are sure we will enjoy our beautiful new kitchen for many years to come and if you need a referral we’d be happy to show off you quality workmanship. We will enjoy recommending you to anyone who need a new kitchen or bath.”

Brad & Debbie

A Complete Transformation

“We wanted to send you a note to let you know how pleased we are with the remodel of our kitchen. It has completely transformed our house form a 1968 model into a modern looking home.

Your entire staff was helpful and professional for the beginning of the project to the end. We enjoyed working with you through the design stage and found your crew to be a nice group of guys to work with. Your attention to detail really impressed us and that detail shows throughout our kitchen. When the project was finished, the house really seemed empty without the guys.

We are sending you before and after pictures, although pictures really do not show the dramatic change – for that you must see it in person. We would love to recommend you to whoever is considering hiring you for their project. You may use our name if you would like and/or bring clients by the house to see the kitchen in person.

We look forward to working with you again when it come time to remodel the bathrooms and master bedroom/bath.”

Mark & Vikie

“Thanks you so much for you beautiful work, time, and now friendship.”

Much love & application
Jim & Miki